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BMW R1150R (01-06) Review

BMW R1150R (01-06)

The BMW R1150R is a naked bike manufactured by BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle brand of the German company BMW, from 2001 to 2006. It is a road going bike that is ideal for general everyday commuting. When introduced, BMW marketed it as a sport touring as well. The R1150R is basically a Boxer twin that will last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it. The best thing about the bike is that it does a little bit of everything better than most of its competitors. This standard bike can better be described as an honest-to-goodness bike. The R1150R is comfortable for shorter journeys. The bike does an amazing job in absorbing bumps. The overall handling is amazingly good. It tackles the corners pretty well. The bike is extremely stable on highways.

History of BMW R1150R

BMW introduced the R1150R in 2001 as the ‘bigger-engined’ version of the old R1100R. In 2006, it was replaced by BMW R1200R. The R1100R was the naked version of the company’s twin cylinder ‘Boxer’, which was BMW’s best range of motorcycles for the time period. It was an incredibly versatile machine, however, it was not exactly a speed machine. The R1200R weighs 25kg less than the R1150R. It also has more power. For BMW, the R1150R has been a huge success story, with about 53,000 units having been sold since it was launched in the market.

Specifications of BMW R1150R

BMW R1150R is equipped with 1130cc 8v Boxer twin, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, air/oil cooled engine. It is linked to a 6-speed gearbox. The transmission of R1150R is shaft drive. The engine has the capacity to generate a maximum power of 76 bhp, and a maximum torque of 69 pound-feet. R1150R has a top speed of 120 mph. The average fuel consumption is 54 mpg. The fuel capacity is 20.5 litres. On a full tank, the R1150R will give you about 240 miles. The recorded 1/4-mile acceleration of the bike is 13.35 seconds.

The frame type of BMW R1150R is tubular space frame. The seat height is about 800mm. The total weight of the bike is around 218kg. The front suspension is of type ‘Rebound’, and the rear one is of type ‘Rebound, Preload’. The front brake of the roadster is fitted with twin 305mm discs and the rear one with a 276mm disc. The size of the front tyre is 120/70 x 17, and that of the rear one is 170/60 x 17. The length of the bike is about 85mm, and the width is 920mm.

Under running costs, the insurance group of BMW R1150R is 12 of 17. The annual road tax is £82. The estimated annual service cost is about £150. The current market price of a used BMW R1150R ranges between £2,500 and £3,800.

As far as the power output of BMW R1150R is concerned, it is sufficient for a naked bike. The fuel-injected flat-twin engine ensures a torquey and strong delivery of power all through the mid-rev range. The engine’s high-cam design, which is shared by the flat-twins, makes use of the single camshaft mounted in the individual cylinder block with pushrods that are short, going to the valve rockers. The advantage of this design is that it keeps the cylinder heads compact. This makes the engine more narrow and improves the ground clearance. It is possible to achieve 6-digit mileages with the R1150R, thanks to its simple engine incorporated to a practical shaft. The power performance of the bike could mainly be attributed to its engine’s digital engine management and higher capacity. About 50% of the increase in the power is mainly because of the chrome-plated stainless steel silencer and exhaust system. One of the notable features of the R1150R is its 6-speed gearbox. The shorter top gear is more dynamic. There is also a longer 6th gear available. Its main intention is fuel economy, and to provide  increased touring comfort. Compensating for different payloads and gearing to the preference of individual riders is possible, thanks to the BMW Telelever front wheel suspension. ABS is an option, mainly due to the EVO front brake. Also, it helps to boost the stopping power. The bike also features cast aluminium wheels with 5 double spokes, as well as a 2-piece front mudguard.

Few facts about the BMW R1150R

  • A wide/full range of dedicated accessories and luggage is available for the BMW R1150R.
  • The company introduced BMW R1150R Rockster in the year 2003. It featured styling camouflage and funky paint schemes.
  • Tall riders may find legroom lacking on the R1150R, however, there is a tall seat option available.
  • To help with the emissions, the 2004 models were fitted with an extra plug to each cylinder.
  • The power-assist feature is available for ABS-equipped BMW R1150Rs.
  • The R1150Rs equipped with the official flyscreen are very popular in the secondhand market.
  • In general, BMWs hold their value much better than their competitors irrespective of the mileage, the R1150R being no exception.



BMW R1150R is a great naked bike. The bike is well-mannered. It is quiet, has good storage capacity, and provides excellent handling. Maintenance is pretty easy, you can do most of it yourself. It lives up to its reputation as a bike from the stable of BMW.

BMW R1150R (01-06) Review was last modified: May 10th, 2019 by Alan Charnock